Cargo compartment protection: Protective lining, partitions

Regardless of what you plan (intend) to use the vehicle for: whether it is only for transporting goods and materials, or for setting up a mobile workshop, it is necessary to think about the protection of the floor and walls of the cargo compartment. Any movement of an unsecured load can damage unprotected parts of the body and thus create foci of corrosion that will eventually cause irreparable damage to the car.

For floor protection, we offer a 9-12 mm thick plywood coating, which is bonded with phenolic resins and is resistant to water, moisture, excellent mechanical strength and durability. Floor coverings are fixed without damaging the body (no drilling). Depending on the cargo you are transporting, we will install cargo securing systems in the floor covering. For transporting heavy loads, we suggest installing aluminum alloy covers with a non-slip relief surface. Stainless steel edging protects the most vulnerable thresholds at the door.

For wall and roof protection, we offer moisture-resistant plywood, aluminum or polypropylene coatings in various finishes. All these types of coatings provide effective protection against accidental impacts and damage caused by large loads. The use of perforated metal door and window inserts will best protect the rear doors of the van and will allow you to use these planes for mounting brackets.

For the car floor we offer:
⦁ 9-12 mm thick gray or dark brown, ribbed, moisture-resistant plywood.

⦁ Moisture-resistant plywood covered with reinforced non-slip PVC coating.

Any questions? - Let's communicate.

Any questions? – Let’s communicate.

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