VebaBox active cooling and freezing solutions

VebaBox – mobile refrigeration containers that make maximum use of the volume of a truck, made in Holland. A unique feature of VebaBox is that the refrigeration unit works using small
voltage (12/24V) direct current. Thanks to efficient electric motors, the car’s electric current source is sufficient for large refrigerators.


VebaBox is suitable for all models of commercial vehicles up to 3.5t.
Possibility to choose the temperature from -20°C to +65°C.
Several different temperatures can be maintained simultaneously.

EFFICIENT: The desired temperature is reached in less than 20 minutes.

RELIABLE: Constantly maintains the set temperature. Several independent refrigeration units maintain the set temperature.


Easy to retrofit to another vehicle.
Can be removed from the car and used indoors.
Works from a 12/24V, 220V voltage source or an additional battery pack.
The desired temperature is maintained even after turning off the car engine.

INFORMATIVE: Data collection and processing devices have been installed.

PRACTICAL: Installation of the equipment does not require modification of the car, thus preserving its residual value and increasing sales opportunities.

INNOVATIVE: Solar power available.

ECOLOGICAL: VebaBox equipment uses up to 12% less fuel than cars with conventional refrigeration equipment.

INDIVIDUAL: VebaBox can be made according to your needs.

Any questions? - Let's communicate.

Any questions? – Let’s communicate.

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