Autonomic heaters

The air heaters we offer are independent, diesel-powered compact heating systems that can be easily and conveniently installed when modifying your vehicle. Air heaters are a cost-effective solution for vehicles that need to quickly warm up the cabin and maintain the desired temperature.

The heater block receives air from the outside or from inside the cabin, which enters the internal combustion chamber through the air intake pipe, and the heated air is pushed out by the fan through the hot air outlet. Heaters are produced for 12 or 24 V, so they can be adapted to both minibuses and trucks. The heating power can be from 2 to 9 kW. The most commonly used 2 or 4 kW heaters ensure heating of rooms up to XX m3.

All heaters have built-in safety systems and sensors. The diagnostic system will automatically turn off the heater if it detects any errors (such as low battery, heater overheating, low fuel, air pump failure or flame failure), making it a completely safe product.

The heaters can be controlled via various control panels or remotely via your iOS or Android smartphone (remote control modem sold separately).

Any questions? - Let's communicate.

Any questions? – Let’s communicate.

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